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        Tour to Semien mountains trekking and Danakil depression.
        Duration,15 days and 14 nights.
        Mode of transportation, bus and /or 4×4.
        Highlights of the Tour:
        The “Danakil,” or “Dallol” depression, which encompasses a good portion of the eastern part of Ethiopia, is one of the earth’s hottest and most inhospitable places, with many points more than 100 meters (328 feet) below sea level and noon-time temperatures soaring above 50 degree Celsius (122 degree Fahrenheit). It is the site of a dry Salt Lake from which Ethiopians since time immemorial have obtained their amoles, or bars of salt, used both for consumption and, long ago, as a primitive sort of money.
        The other most striking gift of nature to Ethiopia is the “Erta Ale” active volcano mountain located very close to the Danakil depression in the Afar region. It is the most active Volcano in Ethiopia. Erta Ale is 615 meters (2,011 ft) high, with one or sometimes two active lava lakes, one of only five in the world, at the summit. It is located in the Afar Depression, a badland’s desert area spanning the border with Eritrea, and the volcano itself is surrounded completely by an area below sea level, making it one of the lowest volcanoes in the world.
        Trekking in the Semien Mountains national park
        The Semien Mountains in Ethiopia are simply put, one of the best trekking destinations in the world. Jaw dropping views, wall to wall sunshine, generous hospitality and rare wildlife combine to make for an unforgettable trek. The Simien Mountains National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site boasting rare populations of walia ibex, gelada baboon and Ethiopian Wolf, alongside a rich and diverse flora and birdlife.
        Highlights of the Simien Mountains National Park:
        • Taking in the 360 degree views at Imet Gogo and marvelling at the precipitous paths that locals have to navigate to make it up onto the ridge
        • Spotting the graceful Wallia Ibex framed by the most incredible mountain panorama and trying to inch closer to capture that perfect image before it moves on
        • Watching the coffee beans roast over the fire in a primitive mud and straw village hut
        • Watching the birds of prey soar on the thermals over terrifying drops of up to 1000m
        Mode of Transportation: Surface.
        Type of Vehicles: 4X4 Safari vehicle and we need two types. passenger and cooking staffs car.


        Day 1, Addis Ababa
        arrival in Addis Ababa. Greet by the representatives from Quest Ethiopia Tours and transfer to the hotel. After a break, have city tour of Addis including National Museum where the skeleton of Lucy is housing. The old hilltop palace of Emperor Menilik II and the Ethnographic museum which was the former palace of Emperor H/Selassie. o/n hotel.
        Day 2, Addis Ababa-Awash
        After breakfast drive to Awash. It is one of the first parks of Ethiopia bisected by the rift valley (the narrowest part of the African great rift valley is found here).in the afternoon take time on animals and birds. o/n Awash falls lodge.
        Day 3, Awash-Semera
        on this day you are going to start the hot weather condition to the volcanic Afar region. o/n Agida resort.
        Day 4, Semera-Erta’ale
        Drive to the dramatic volcano of Erta’ale. On the way admire the volcanic lava and lake Afdera, take break there on the traditional salt processing.
        Late afternoon start trekking to the active and dramatic volcano around 6 o’clock. It is 12 km ascending on foot or on camel back. Stay a night on the top as it is more scenic at night. camping
        Day 5, Erta’ale-Dallol
        early in a morning come back to the main camp site and have breakfast. and then head to Dallol, one of the lowest point on earth 116 m below sea level. In the afternoon take time the camel caravans transporting the bare salt which once used as a currency in Ethiopia. o/n camping
        Day 6, Dallol-Adigrat
        In a morning visit the Sulphur carpeted ground with different colors composition and the traditional salt extraction in the nearby area. Then drive to Adigrat. On the way visit the oldest rock church of Wukro kirtkos. o/n Geza Hotel.
        Day 7, Adigrat- Axum
        After breakfast, drive to Axum. On the way visit either the unique monastery of Debre Damo(accessible only by use of ropes and only for men) or the Yeha Temple that was the
        Pagan religious center. have lunch in the old and historical city of Axum that was a capital of Ethiopia from 1st to the 7th century.
        After lunch visit the stelae field and the church of saint Merry of Zion, where the ark of the covenant is supposed to be kept and the ruined palace of Queen of Sheba. o/n consolar international hotel.
        Day 8, Axum- Simien Mountains National Park.
        Drive to the most ragged mountains part of the country via Te.kezze gorge. Up on arrival in the park drop off for a lazy walk before the camp site to greet the endemic mammals of Gelada Baboons common to most part of the park.o/n Sankaber camping.
        Day 9: Sankaber to Geech Camp Site 5 – 6hrs

        This day is the day that we arrange all the trekking staff including mules and Muleteers for packing and transport of camping gears and all foodstuffs for the trek. It is this day that we start trekking in the national park. We walk from Sankaber to Geech, which will take between 5 – 6 hours. After about 1 and half hours walk we see the Jinbar River and falls, we will cross the river later in the day. After crossing the river, we ascend for about two hours to Geech, which is full of Giant Lobelias. The scenery is wonderful, and heard of the endemic Gelada Baboon can be seen on our way. O/n Camping at Geech Campsite (3600m).
        Day 10, Geech-Chenek. Overnight Camping:
        This day we will be waking to the best viewpoints in the National park. First we walk to Imetgogo, the view here enables one to look 360 to all directions this is one of the best view in the national park. After a short stay here continue walk to Seha, the other terrific viewpoint in the National park. We will have our picnic lunch and we continue to the last viewpoint, Quedadit. After some stay we walk back to Geech camp site. The walk this day is not hard; it takes about 4 – 5 hours. It is the day that we will be walking in the best part of the national park. If we are lucky we might have the chance to see mammals like the Simien wolf, Walia Ibex and Klipspringers.
        We trek to Chenek, we will be walking through the Giant lobelia trees and under these trees, and African field Rats are common. After picnic lunch we walk on the edge of Elate escarpments (4000m. above sea level), which is another breathtaking view in the national park; finally, we descend to Chenek. Chenek is the best place to see the endemic Walia Ibex and more Gelada Baboon. It takes 6-7 hours walk. O/n Camping at Chenek. – (3600m)

        Day 11, Chenek- Buahit Ras- chenek
        Trek to the second pick point to the park Buahit Ras.and it is the common area for Walia ibex and rarely seen Ethiopian wolf. come back to Chenek. o/n camping.
        Day 12, Chenek- Gonder
        Today you are not supposed to trek any more. Drive to Gonder just wondering again the landscape. You will be free in the afternoon. o/n Kino or land mark hotel.
        Day 13, Gonder- Bahirdar
        In a morning visit the 17th century castle of Emperor Fasiledas and his swimming pool, the most painted church of Debre birhan selassie. After lunch, drive to Bahirdar for overnight at Addis Amba or Delano hotel.
        Day 14, Bahirdar
        In a morning drive 32 km to the dramatic waterfall of Blue Nile locally called Tis Isat. Come back to Bahirdar for lunch. Then have boat trip on lake Tana to visit the island monastery of Ura kidane mihret, the most another painted monastery from 14th century.in the evening visit the local Bars called Azimari bet. o/n same hotel.
        Day 15, Bahirdar-Addis.
        On this day either drive to Addis or take a flight. It is 563 km away from Addis. If it is by surface you will visit the Blue Nile gorge on the way.
        In the evening have farewell diner in a cultural restaurant where one can enjoy ethnical music. Then departure.


        The price of this trip
        -for 5 and above 5 participants is =1676 USD per person
        -for 3 participants =2267 USD per person
        -for 2 participants =2538 USD per person
        This price includes
        Any transportation
        all entrance fees
        accommodation (double bed based Personal tips and gifts
        local guides and scout fee Alcoholic drinks
        half board meal but full board on camping
        Any government Tax and related payment

        This price not included

        Half board meal in hotels
        Horse and camel ride
        Laundry and phone bills.