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        Cycling Dufas Mtubatuba, South Africa, March 2019

        A pilgrimage never to be forgotten with Quest Ethiopia Tours
        My Wife, Sister, Brother-in-law and I spent a week in Addis Ababa. We went up primarily on a pilgrimage as our Uncle was buried there. He died in the second world war (1942)
        We spent the first day visiting the war graves and Zed the driver was sensitive enough to leave us to find our Uncle’s grave stone and pay our respects to him. The drive to and from the Cemetery was of great interest to us as we observed how different people live compared to ours folk in South Africa. the road was littered either side with little shops and markets, people making a living selling their goods.
        We met up with Dagimawi (Dagi) who was our amazing tour guide for a few days.
        Initially we were allocated to have Dagi for only two days but we were so impressed with him that we requested him take us around for the rest of our stay.
        He made the trip come alive for us as he knew the history of Ethiopia very well and our visits to the different places was enhanced by his comments and knowledge.
        His knowledge of Politics, History, Culture, and Birding was amazing.
        We visited the Holy Capital Cathedral, which was extremely interesting. The different Museums were fascinating and a privilege to see and witness. What was so interesting was how the wonderful Ethiopian people had recovered from the country’s turmoil from the past. The Country now is at peace and international capital and investments are pouring into the country.
        Dagi and Zed took us out of Addis to the country side which was great to see the farming and industry. We were there in the drier season so there was a lack of grass for the animals, but they all looked very healthy. We were taken to the Volcanic craters which were fascinating. Dagi took us to Bishoftu and we had lunch at Kuriftu Resort & Spar. The crater here was full of water and we were entertained by the activities on the water. People canoeing and the bird life there was plentiful. Dagi was able to identify all of the birds. The lunch at Kuriftu was excellent with very good service. It is advisable to book as it is very popular. You have to pay an entrance fee, which will include your main meal and desert and a cooldrink. It was worth every bit of it.
        Well done Dagi, you were a gentleman, courteous, thoughtful and knowledgeable. Us oldies had a wonderful time with you, sharing your info and Zed driving us very safely around the city and the outlying country towns (the city driving is only for Ethiopians, as it is difficult to understand all the hooting ‘notes’ and their hand signs they have for each other!!)
        Thank you Dagi
        We can definitely recommend Dagimawi Mengistie to be your guide. He is wonderful with young and old.
        Dagi told us that a week after taking us around he was off on a hiking tour in the mountains with guests!! Wow Diversity is Dagi’s game, that’s for sure.

        Alice Fairall

        What an amazing adventure!
        I traveled around southern Ethiopia with my Mum and Quest Ethiopia Tours, staying for 11 nights. This was my first time outside of Europe and it was exciting to experience a completely new culture.
        Ethiopia is not the barren land I imagined. The scenery is stunning with beautiful lakes and lush green vegetation covering steep hills and mountains. Farmlands with fertile red soil and different crops and some regions looking quite tropical with large areas covered in false banana plants.
        We spent time socializing with different tribes and villages, where the people were very generous and let us experience their day to day actives such as spinning cotton, grinding grain into flour and milking cows. We also tried new cuisine and saw lots of different wildlife such as crocodiles, hippos, baboons, camels, water buffalo and more.
        We camped for 6 nights in different locations (all food, drinks and camping equipment provided by Quest Ethiopia Tours). Our chef cooked us excellent food every day, both drivers were very easy going and our guide was very knowledgeable and lots of fun. He was also great at negotiating prices with local tour guides from different tribes and villages and I felt very safe.
        Quest Ethiopia Tours were great company and I would 100% recommend visiting Ethiopia with this lovely bunch.

        Thank you!
         April 2019

        Hazel F Burgess Hill, United Kingdom

        Culture, nature, history, adventure…Quest Ethiopia Tours will show you it all!
        My youngest daughter and I have just returned from a fantastic trip to Ethiopia. Once again, I highly recommend Quest Ethiopia Tours who have consistently ensured my trips there have been enjoyable, memorable and carefree. Even though we visited areas I’ve travelled through previously, Dagi ensured once again that we enjoyed new experiences and adventures.
        All our meals, water, soft drinks, entrance fees and local guides etc were included (many operators will charge extra for these items). Dagi even negotiates and deals with any payment for photos which leaves you free to enjoy your time without having to be concerned about having to keep rummaging through pockets or exchanging money. He is full of fun, experienced and very knowledgeable, speaks excellent English and several other languages.
        The vehicles are really comfortable, safe and driven by skilful staff who are also great fun and relaxing to travel with.
        In addition to hotels, we also camped for a total of 6 nights and of course all the equipment was provided (including a bowl & jug shower when needed!) plus truly excellent meals prepared by our smiley cook – superb.
        We were in the Southwest Omo Valley at the start of the rainy season and Dagi told us that he had a back-up plan in case the rain disrupted our route. He is also able to accommodate any special interests within the program.
        Forget any preconceptions you have about Ethiopia being a dry and barren land – it’s not. The countryside was lush, verdant and fertile, dotted with picturesque Tukuls surrounded by neatly kept compounds. We were invited into villages, followed by giggling children and curiously observed by tribal folk in remote areas. Each time I visit, I realise there is more and more I have yet to see.
        For me, the most rewarding way to experience this beautiful and intriguing Country, is with a great team and Dagi and his staff are the best!
        April 2019

        Hazel F Burgess Hill, United Kingdom

        Another memorable trip thanks to Quest Ethiopia Tours
        I’ve been lucky enough to visit Ethiopia twice this year, both times with Quest Ethiopia Tours. Dagi has always worked hard to come up with an itinerary which caters for our interests and somehow he manages to include unexpected things, for example watching sesame oil being made by the roadside, visiting locals in their homes, having honey-made wine in a local tej house to mention a few. He speaks excellent English (and other languages) and has an impressive knowledge of the history and culture of his country. He and the team are respectful, always striving to make sure we got the best experience and are great fun to travel with. They provided comfortable camping equipment and excellent meals when we were in more remote areas. Some of the drives were long but this was fine as we made plenty of stops to take photos, stretch legs or visit markets or villages. The scenery ranged from the dramatic mountains in the Simiens to the lush green Kaffa region through to gently golden fields of ripe tef. Stunning. I would highly recommend using Quest Ethiopia Tours for both short visits and if you’re lucky enough, a longer trip to explore some of the less well known areas of this amazing country. There is a lot more I would like to see and I will definitely be looking at booking with Dagi for any future trips.
         April 2017