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        Selam! welcome to Ethiopia.

        Day 1: Addis Ababa-Finote Selam
        Meet and greet by the guide, then drive to Debre Markos. On the way visit the 13th century monastery which was the religious and political center of Ethiopia until the 20th century. It is founded by an Ethiopian saint, saint Teklehaymanot who prayed for 7 years stood on one foot (it is painted in many churches in Ethiopia). Then continue driving to the breathtaking Blue Nile gorge that is comparable with the grand canyon of USA. If the there is a market day, take time on one. O/n Finote Selam.
        Day 2: Finote Selam- Bahirdar
        After breakfast, drive to Bahirdar,the capital of Amhara regional state, lying on 1850 meter above sea level at the shore side of Lake Tana. On the way detour to visit the source of Blue Nile in a place called Sekela. Fang waterfall close to the main road and short visit at the crater lake of Zengeba. O/n
        Day 3: After breakfast, have excursion boat trip on lake Tana to visit the beautifully painted church of Ura kidanemihret . After lunch drive 32 km to visit Blue Nile waterfall (tis isat). O /n hotel
        Day 4: Bahirdar -Gondar- S.M.N.P( Semien mountains National park)
        Having breakfast at the hotel, drive to Gondar to discover the 17th century enclosure compound built by emperor Fasiledas and his successors named as the Camelot city of Africa. Then the painted church of Debre Birhane Selassie. Then continue to Semien mountains national park which is home of many endemics, Fauna & flora and marvelous landscape ranging from 1500m-4620 m.a.s.l. o/n lodge
        Day 5: trekking and drive to chenek where we can see the endemics of Ethiopia,gelada baboon(common in each part of the park),walia ibex (capra walia)which was believed in Ethiopia as sacred animal before Christianity and the rarely seen Ethiopian wolf. The landscape, birds and flora makes the traveller feel unique. O/n same lodge.
        Day 6: S.M.N.P-Axum
        After breakfast, drive to the ancient, cradle and archeological city of Ethiopia across Limalimo and Tekeze gorge. Up on arrival, visit the stele field and the tomb of Kaleb and his son G/ Meskel. O/n hotel.
        Day 7: in the morning visit the church of St. merry of Zion in the compound where the ark of the covenant that God gave to Moses is kept. After lunch drive to Hawzien but on the way visit the ancient center of Da’amat kingdom and were worshiping place for pagans later became to be Christians church. o/n Gheralta .
        Day 8: in the morning visit the mountain top churches of Abune Yemata Guh (with fascinated ceiling paintings )and Mariam korkor. After lunch drive to Mekelle and at Wukro visit the most accessible church to the main road, wukro cherkos church built in the 4th century by the two brother kings Abereha we Atsebeha. O/n Mekelle .
        Day 9: Mekelle-Erta’ale
        Drive to Afdera to visit the salt mining. It is Ethiopian cooking salt is processed here. In the evening, trek to the active volcano that erupts everyday and dramatic at night.it is 12 km on foot or using camels. Stay the night on the top.o/n camping
        Day 10: Erta’ale –Dallol.
        In the afternoon visit the camel caravans those transporting bare salt to the highlanders using camels and sunset.o/n camping
        Day 11: Dallol-Mekelle
        In the morning, visit the sulfur surfaced ground with many colors.then take time on salt extraction before they transporting it to the highlanders.then drive to Mekelle.o/n hotel
        Day 12: Mekelle –Lalibela.
        On this day admire the scenic beauty of ambalaghe chain mountains reached upto 3949 m.a.s.l. o/n lalibela
        Day 13: lalibela
        On this day discovered the 11 rock hewn churches built in 12th century by king lalibela within 23 years to replace the 2nd Jerusalem in Ethiopia. These churches are classified in 3 groups. O/n lalibela
        Day 14: lalibela –kombolcha or Dessie
        On the way visit Wollo province women hair style and Hayq Estifanos monastery which was the church school center for a long years and used as the first informal library in Ethiopia. O/n hotel
        Day 15: Kombolcha- Addis
        on this day if the day falls on Sunday, visit the colorful market of Sembete where the Amhara, Oromo, Afar and Argoba people come to share their goods and items. Then visit the mouth of rift valley also called the window of Menilik II, Debre Birhane Selassie church at Debre Birhane. After lunch, visit Oromo village. Finally in the evening have farewell dinner at a cultural restaurant with live cultural and tribal music. Then departure.

        QUEST ETHIOPIA TOURS wishes you a pleasant trip.

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