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        Ethiopia or Abyssinia is a country found in the eastern part of the African continent called the horn of Africa, between 3° -15° latitude and 33°-45° longitude laying between the equator and the tropic of Cancer.

        It is a country where human being started and in this regard so called the cradle of mankind, origin of coffee, 13 months of sunshine with its own calendar following the Julian calendar (.7 years, 8 months and 6 hours back from Gregorian calendar).
        Ethiopia is the 9th largest country in the world with 1.12 million km² area, a mountainous country with 22 peaks more than 4000m above sea level where the highest point is 4620m.a.s.l and the lowest point is 116m.b.s.l in the Danakil depression. It has about 10 rivers of more than 7000km including Blue Nile River.
        The country is rich in history (3000 years), nature (from 278 big mammals to 863 species of birds with plenty of flora), culture (there are more than 85 ethnic groups in the country with their culture, language, customs and tradition), events and festivals (Meskel, Timket,Genna, Mewl’id, Arafa, Bull jumping, Erecha, Shaday….)
        Ethiopia is also the place where people with different religions live together harmoniously. Christianity was declared to be the state religion in the 4th century and Islam was introduced to the country in the 7th c. Now Ethiopia is the second country in the world with the number of Muslims as a minority religion next to India.
        The official language in the country is Amharic while Tigrigna, Oromifa and Guragegna are spoken widely.
        Our company QUEST Ethiopia Tours is a tour operator based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.working all tour and travel related ground operations from economic to luxury virieties with high care and professionalism. Quest Ethiopia Tours is registered by Ministry of Culture & Tourism and licensed by Ministry of Trade under the lisense number MT/AA/14/706/769332/2009. We are organized with latest 4WD safari and buses, updated camping gear, multi lingual guides and experienced drivers and cooks who make every trip memorable.
          As a company working on Adventure travel,trekking,bird watching,looking the authentic  way of life of tribes,Ethiopia is the ideal place for such tours and we are in the right place with unlimited smile to host you. We have been working in the tourism business for the last 10 years.
        Our specialties are in less discovered areas that are Benishangul (west part of Ethiopia), Chebera Churchura national park and Guassa & Maqadela plateaus.
        We are working with families and groups arranged individually.we are well organized to work with outbound tour operators.

        We have regular customers from UK, Belgium, Italy,Germany, Israel and USA. We are commited for what we promised and searching new destinations to make your holidays unique and life long memorable.

        Our objective is to promote Ethiopian diversified tourist destinations to tourists from different parts of the world.