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Duration, 18 days
Means of transport: surface
Type of tour: nature and historical tour
Day1: Addis Ababa-Langano. 200km
Rift valley left 7 lakes only in Ethiopia and Lake Langano is the best place for relaxing and a paradise for bird watchers. Relax in beach side resorts o/n hotel
Day 2: Langano area.
Drive few kms to Abiyata–Shalla lakes national park for birding and spotting for Gazelles, warthogs, ostriches and hot spring with nice view point. O/n hotel
Day 3: Langano-Bale mountains national park. 250km
Bale mountains is home of many in one place. We have big 7 and about 5 are found in this park. Mountain Nyala, Ethiopian wolf, Minilik bush buck and Bale monkey are seen in different parts of it. When you arrive at Dinsho (head quarter), you will see Mountain Nyala, Minilik bush buck, gerenuk gazelles, warthogs, klipspringer and so. .on o/n hotel
Day 4: Bale
Drive to the place called Tulu Dimtu, the second highest point in Ethiopia with altitude of 4377m above sea level. From this area, you will walk few kms and Ethiopian wolf, birds like Augur buzzard, wattled crane; spur winged goose, ducks, Bateleur, rouget’s rail, larks and many more. O/n hotel
Day 5: Bale –Awash 400km
Drive to Awash via Bekoji, where many Ethiopian athletes come. Take time to visit the Oromo village. Up on arrival at Awash, have game drive. o/n hotel.
Day 6: Awash-Harar 300km
In a morning visit the narrow part of the rift valley with nice view and drive to Harar.
Day 7: Harar
Full day at Harar for Arthur Rimbaud (a French poet), harari house, cultural museum and personal interaction with local is a city of peace and feel it. In the evening go to practice wild hyena feeding. O/n hotel
Day 8: Harar-Awash 40 (340km). Here it is optional back to Addis or to Doho
Drive to Awash and follow the main Djibouti road to reach DOHO lodge, there is hot spring and another birding spot. The hot spring is popular with local people as health treatment and there is small lake to relax too.
Day 9: Awash-Woldiya 380 km
Drive to Woldiya via Mille, a town in Afar. Feel the desert of Afar region and visit Amhara village. O/n hotel
Day 10: Woldiya-Lalibela 180km
On the way before you get Lalibela, visit Genete-mariam rock hewn church. After lunch visit the first group of churches. They are 5 in number and represents earthly Jerusalem. O/n hotel
Day 11: Lalibela
In a morning, drive to a mountain top church called Asheten Mariam, where king Lalibela initially tried to build the churches there. Later he shifted has many treasures and panorama to the surroundings. On the afternoon, visit the 2nd and 3rd group of churches. O/n hotel
Day 12: Lalibela- Axum 380 km
There is a new road direct to Axum. The landscape is dramatic. Have many stops for pictures. O/n hotel
Day 13: Axum.
full day in Axum old historical sites, stelae park, church of saint Mary of Zion, tombs and ruined palace of queen of Sheba. O/n hotel
Day 14: Axum-simien mountains national park
On this day, you will have Chain Mountains and Tekezze gorge to make busy you camera screens. O/n hotel
Day 15: simien mountains national park- Gonder.
In the morning, walk in the park and meet the gelada baboons. In the afternoon drive to Gonder. O/n hotel
Day 16: Gonder-Bahirdar
In the morning visit the enclosure compound known as Fasil gibbi. After lunch drive to Bahirdar for overnight.
Day 17: Bahirdar
In a morning drive to Blue Nile water fall. In the Afternoon have boat trip on Lake Tana to visit one of the most painted churches. O/n hotel
Day 18: Bahirdar- Addis
Drive to Addis. On the way visit the Blue Nile gorge and the 13 century monastery.

In the evening, have farewell dinner in a cultural restaurant with folklores and then departure!

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